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Free mobile application to create a shared album by geolocalisation

According to Pierre-Yves of Eventer, one of the most important goals for his team was doing more than just providing users with a way to condense photos from an event into an online album. If someone at a birthday party wanted to share a photo or video with everyone else in attendance, they could always use an official hashtag. However, this approach undoubtedly leaves a lot to be desired in the intimate, mobile-driven world that we’re now living in.

Instead, they wanted to go a fair bit deeper – they wanted to put the tools in the hands of both personal users and event management professionals to use the full power of the internet to their advantage.

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That goal required them to look at Eventer less as an organizational tool and more as an innovative new communication medium. One of the great things about the internet is how it brings people together and Eventer was intended to be an extension of that, particularly for event management professionals.

While personal users who sign up for the free account and who install the free smartphone app can share event experiences with whoever they want, event management professionals can go even deeper. Eventer becomes a communication medium in and of itself. Professionals can collect leads, find new ways to offer digital entertainment services that are located near their clients and more. They can also see numbers pertaining to the number of people who interacted with an event on social networks and see a historical overview of the events they’ve participated in.

To that end, Eventer essentially had to service three different masters. They needed to appeal to personal users, provide the tools that event management professionals needed to run their businesses and use technology to allow both parties to take that intimate event experience onto the internet – all at the same time. The team at Eventer addressed these challenges in a number of unique ways:

  • Eventer offers heavy social media integration. Users can create a Facebook Event page and instantly transition that data into the Eventer app.
  • Eventer is always free to personal users and has instead chosen to monetize through event professionals. Unlimited monthly subscriptions are available for 89€ or on a 149€ per event basis.
  • Eventer is already experimenting with future growth opportunities, like using social influencers who will go to a party and share pictures and videos using the service.
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The confidence in this direction from the Eventer team seems to have already paid off. Though it only launched in August of 2016, they’re already growing by more than 600 new users every month. They have a target of 50,000 users by October of 2017 and already look to be on pace to meet that goal. All of this was possible because of the unique, intimate approach that the Eventer team took to their entire business model – the same intimate approach that makes people love events in the first place.

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