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Anymail Finder is a London-based startup with a simple-yet-essential goal: they aimed to empower employee productivity and help companies communicate better by allowing direct employee-to-employee communications. Effective employee communication contributes to a quality company culture, which itself has been proven to directly relate to revenue, productivity and beyond. Founded by Joe d’Elia and Pardeep Kullar, Anymail Finder has been working hard towards that goal since 2015 and have already enjoyed a tremendous amount of success.

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Using a single-yet-sophisticated API, users can get accurate emails incredibly quickly that are verified by name, domain or against existing emails that they already have. This can help people save an incredible amount of time wading through email directories or other sources trying in vain to find the right information. This also saves them an incredible amount of time thanks to features like direct server validation. By instantly guaranteeing that emails follow common patterns, that a particular email is recognized by the server and that the server accepts emails in the first place – all before results are returned – it puts an emphasis on accuracy in a situation where such a quality is desperately needed.

More interesting than the actual Anymail Finder service, however, is the actual story behind the launch of the company. Founders Joe d’Elia and Pardeep Kullar were actually working on two separate projects built upon the same underlying technology. Joe d’Elia was very interested in getting into the software-as-a-service space and Pardeep Kullar was looking for something reliable he could use as a bridge to a separate project. They ended up partnering together to get Anymail Finder off the ground.

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As a newcomer to a crowded space that already included big names like and, the team behind Anymail Finder had an uphill battle for attention ahead of them. They were able to both reach their target audience and carve out their own niche through a variety of techniques:

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  • They built “growth hack” Slideshares outlining how Anymail Finder could be of benefit in terms of factors like productivity and communication in particular. Those Slideshares, very similar in concept to a startup pitchdeck, were then strategically posted to growthhackers.
  • They used direct mail campaigns to reach out to lead generation companies in particular, as those organizations clearly had a need for a service like the one Anymail Finder provides.
  • They made it a priority to ONLY charge for verified emails, rather than “in bulk” like their competitors. The founders themselves recognized what a problem it is to send emails that regularly bounce, which is why they emphasized this point from the beginning. Indeed, they are often told that this is the number one reason that people choose Anymail Finder rather than competitors.
  • They rely heavily on a Live Chat feature for customer service – something that both accounts for 60% of their sales and plays a big part in keeping existing customers happy.
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In many ways, Anymail Finder is a classic example of “startups done right.” They identified a clear need that could be serviced in a particular market of a viable size, started with a value proposition and worked their way backwards. Since their initial launch, they’ve attracted the attention of a wide range of lead generation companies and their founders, though they’ve also expanded into a host of unique verticals.

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