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IMHO, messaging apps will be around for a very very long time. Tech companies have tried harnessing its potential by adding quirky features like emojis or photo collages, and the market seems to, enthusiastically, pick up on it.  With all these developments happening in a technology that started way back in 1992 (think text messaging, millennials), one can easily make a mistake of dismissing this industry as overcrowded. However, innovation, like what snapchat introduced, opened new doors for messaging. Thus, it can be said that messaging apps is just getting started.  With Facebook’s acquisition of Whatsapp for a whopping $22 billion back in 2014, there is certainly a huge market for this segment.  Tech Insider even claims that messaging apps is now bigger than social media. Do you believe this? A simple statistic can perhaps sway you to subscribe to this claim.  Statista estimates that there will be at least 1.81 billion people in the world who are using some sort of a messaging app.

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Upon realizing that messaging technology is not going away but continues to evolve, Peter Wellens decided to join in.  He started Chestnote, which he labels as a slow-messaging app, and launched it via mobile apps and a web tool.  Quite a contradiction to how fast paced everyone seems to be moving  nowadays.  The idea behind Chestnote is like a treasure hunt. Each message will only be revealed in the right context – time, place, manner.  A very fascinating way to make our boring old text messages more interesting.  With Chestnote, you can send a text, audio, or a video message, which is locked and can only be opened at a certain time and/or place. You can even send a teaser as a primer to your locked message to elicit excitement.

There are several ways that makes Chestnote inherently viral. First is the ability to send a message to people who have not yet installed the app on their devices.  This was a genius addition which made it their 3rd biggest acquisition channel.  When someone sends you a message via Chestnote, the recipient (presuming he/she has not installed the app) will receive an SMS message notifying them that a friend has sent them a hidden message and asking them to download the app through a link provided by Chestnote.

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Chestnote’s best performing acqusition channels are referrals from articles and online content from press and media (organic), and referrals from Google playstore.  Chestnote earns from brands, events, or cities, who post their contents on Chestnote in the “channels” tab.  There should be significant activity and relevant features rolling out for Chestnote in this area, unless they discover new ways of monetizing the app.  One big name that Chestnote had the privilege of working with is Cirque du Soleil.  It was a very apt partnership, as the performing group moves from one city to another, allowing the group to build suspense and interest before their opening show.

One of the challenges for Chestnote is to keep users’ engaged.  It is one thing to get them to install the app, and use it for special occasions. But keeping them engaged in a way that increases interest in app usage is a different monster.  In order to get the right strategy installed for this, Chestnote has to make sure that they have installed the right analytics to track user behavior.  What’s relevant for Chestnote here is to understand how their customers are using the app. Is it only for special occasions? Are these only for surprises (or special reveals for big brands)? Are they even successful when they try to surprise their loved ones?  One special marketing analytics tool that may be relevant for Chestnote is Mixpanel.  It has a feature called segmentation, which allows you to measure the volume of user engagement.  A very piece of information for an upcoming app such as Chestnote.  Another thing where Mixpanel can help with Chestnote is in user retention.  Mixpanel generates a report through a powerful cohort analysis, allowing you to view users that have used the app only once, versus users who used the app on multiply instances. Those are just some of the features that Mixpanel can help Chestnote in crafting the right strategy to keep their users engaged.

It may seem like a small thing, but once Chestnote figures out the right tracking tool, it will open doors for them to explore.  They can mount campaigns targeting users who only used the app once, or maybe give discounts to users who used it for more than once to encourage that demographic.  There is so much potential for this up and coming app.  “DFTBA” (don’t forget to be awesome) should be their mantra as it is crystal clear that Chestnote is just getting started.


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  1. It’s really a great app, with Chestnote it’s easy to really stand out with your messages in stead of the boring messaging like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

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