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Technology has really made everything easy, cheap, and accessible today.  In fact, it has facilitated the transfer of overwhelming power to our fingertips.  We can have almost everything right at our doorstep without leaving the comforts of our homes.  From books to bags, even food, you name it! This is how E-commerce looks like right now. But what keeps it moving? How does your goods arrive at your doorstep safe and sound, and perhaps at a very reasonable price?  This is what PakketMail offers to its customers.  A faster, cheaper, and hassle-free shipping in countries where they are present.

Jorn Spiertz, one of PakketMail’s founders, spoke to growth hackers society about how they started as a company.  It all started when PakketMails co-founder, Mark Bastiaanssen was running a shop selling fishing reels to an international market. What Mark juggled at the time were factors such as time, cost, and safety of the products being shipped.  He then realized that each courier has their own strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to cross borders logistics.  After realizing that he is not the only person going through the problem of deciding which courier to choose for what country and for what kind of product, he quickly saw a gap in the market. Hence, PakketMail.

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By positioning themselves as a “consultant” wherein they give the best advice of which courier to choose in a certain country and for what type of product, PakketMail was able to carve a niche.  This business model is clearly skewed to favor customers more than courier companies. The value that PakketMail provides in this well established supply chain cannot be overlooked.  In the United States alone, e-commerce business is estimated to be more than $238 billion.  With this kind of volume transactions that e-commerce companies bring, couriers are forced to step up their game or risk losing billions of dollars in business.  Clearly, PakketMail is in a good spot. They have achieved a staggering 400% yoy growth, and plans to maintain that level through 2017.

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This kind of monstrous growth will be challenging to maintain, but of course, achievable.  Jorn gives us a glimpse of how they plan to achieve their unstoppable growth for 2017:

word of mouth, the holy grail of marketing.  Their online presence through blogs and other content is still bringing them new clients, but word of mouth or referrals got them soaring.

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Now, there’s a usual connotation that word of mouth is strictly offline. In today’s context, almost everything has been translated online.  So, this begs the question what constitutes word of mouth in 2016? This article, written in 2012 is still very much applicable as a current definition of word of mouth marketing.

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In that article, we can gather that social media, referral activities, and even some viral tricks can be considered as part of word of mouth marketing. In fact, even defines SEO, content marketing, remarketing and PR as word of mouth.  Of course, it’s not as easy as posting tricks and hacks, but carefully crafting your content and making it grow even more as you start hacking.  This needs a combination of good content strategy, as well as good business service.  It can never be just one of both, otherwise, it will backfire.

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What PakketMail really wants to do in order to achieve the 400% growth rate they have set for 2017 is to flawlessly execute their “word of mouth” campaigns. What do we mean by this?

  1. Ensure that they understand their audience, in each of the countries they want to be present in. Remember that each country has a different psychographic profile, which warrants a different approach to marketing. Here’s simple reference in creating a psychographic profile.
  2. Next is engagement. The content that PakketMail creates should be very engaging. Check out this simple guide in creating engaging content.
  3. Extend engagement to social media. More than crafting a social media calendar, each entry on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube should be planned to perfection. It should inherently be worthy of sharing, and someone should readily be available to respond to queries.  Check this out.
  4. Use SEO correctly. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but Neil Patel simplifies it for you in this blog post.
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The abovementioned steps should be taken with a scientific mindset, constantly testing and experimenting until it gets you your desired numbers. PakketMail needs to constantly search for the right mix of marketing and sales activities, find out what works and iterate the process.  At the end of the day, all they care about is that all these campaigns will lead to happier customers because in Jorn’s words “happy customers sell the products better than anyone in the world.”


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