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There are plenty of businesses built around the idea of providing entrepreneurs a platform where they can pitch their ideas to investors. Since 2011, though, Capital On Stage has been flipping this model on its head by hosting events where the investors are the ones who pitch themselves to the entrepreneurs. It’s a concept that has worked out very well for everyone involved, and, now, Capital On Stage hopes to continue revolutionizing the world of venture capitalism with the launch of their new product – fundsUP, a matchmaking platform for investors and founders.

The fundsUP app is a deal-discovery platform for investors that matches them with company founders who are seeking funds. The app relies on a revolutionary set of algorithms that not only matches founders and investors based on basic data such as location, industry type, and deal size but also factors in more nuanced data such as psychological profiling, personality insights, and company data. The result is an app that matches up investors and founders that have the highest probability of succeeding together.

fundsUP understands the importance of these factors better than most. In the digital era, it’s easy to overlook how important it is for investors and founders to click at the personal level. fundsUP, however, has launched their app based off of the tremendous success of the networking events they have held such as their recent events in Amsterdam and Berlin. Here, they were been able to witness first-hand the importance of factors that aren’t always so easy to quantify (like personality traits) and, like any good matchmaking app, have figured out how to quantify them. It was the success of these events that served as the inspiration for the company’s founder and CEO Arjen Strijker to progress forward with the development of their new platform.

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Developing an app such as fundsUP was a natural next step for Arjen Strijker. Since 2001, Arjen has helped connect thousands of professionals within the business world, spurring the growth of valuable new partnerships. In spite of Arjen’s experience with connecting investors and founders, though, marketing the new app is not without its challenges. Niels Vugteveen, a Rocket Internet veteran, and a self-taught product wiz was taken onboard as the Head of Product for fundsUP, who came to the instant recognition that the market for their app was going to be a niche one. However, Niels also stresses the advantages to working within a niche market –  for one, word-of-mouth referrals are easier to attain in a niche market where your customers are often well-connected with other people within your niche. fundsUP hopes to leverage this aspect of their market even further by incorporating referral incentives into the app.

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Other growth tactics fundsUP plans to make use of include generating PR buzz about their app on well-known platforms and building partnerships with existing platforms where their target customers can be found. Of course, fundsUP also plans to make use of targeted marketing to grow awareness about their app, Niels points out that the targeting options available today through platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are a dream come true compared to what we had just a few short years ago.

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For founders seeking capital and venture capitalists seeking cutting-edge new ideas to invest in, it is fundsUP that is the dream come true. Through a revolutionary app that, like the company that created it, approaches investor/founder networking in a whole new way combined with a comprehensive growth strategy that leverages PR, word-of-mouth referrals, and good old fashioned networking, fundsUP hopes to forever change the way startups are funded in the years to come.

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Interest piqued after the read? Experience fundsUP first-hand before the grand launch: Patience is virtue, especially in the world of VC and founders.


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