The Fear of Missing Out

A social proof marketing platform

Fomo founder Ryan Kulp has a diverse background as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist in the digital technology sector. For a number of years, he dreamed about developing a SaaS (software as a service) product that combines all of his professional passions – development, marketing, and customer service.

After a little brainstorming and a lot of hard work, Ryan ultimately launched the social proof marketing platform Fomo. Short for “fear of missing out,” Fomo began as a plugin called Notify that was designed to augment the e-commerce website Shopify. Between March and August of 2016, Ryan and his team of tech-savvy professionals completely rebuilt Notify to work on anywebsite and then officially re-launched the company as Fomo.

Since its launch, Fomo has boosted the marketing capabilities of multiple commercial websites using the immense power of social proof, a decision-influencing phenomenon that is unrivaled in the modern era.

Briefly defined, social proof refers to the strong influence that the choices of others can exert on each individual consumer. Otherwise known as word of mouth, the social proof appeal leads consumers to ask the question “If everyone else is on board with this, why aren’t I?” In other words, it plays upon the persuasive fear of missing out that we all share.

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Like most business experts, Ryan Kulp has long known that social proof tends to outperform other marketing appeals. He set himself apart, however, by devising a way to “turn up” this the scale of social proof online.

Consumer-driven by its very nature, social proof is exceedingly difficult to engineer and promote. Perhaps this is why consumers respond so enthusiastically to this appeal. No matter the reason, the average consumer will, almost inevitably, look at a store that is full of customers and instinctively wonder what all the fuss is about.

The genius of Ryan Kulp and Fomo lies in their ability to propagate this same sense of urgency in the digital world. Fomo achieves this feat by tracking specific customer behaviors and then displaying these behaviors on the websites of their clients. Records of online activities such as recent purchases, email sign-ups, and positive reviews appear on the screen in real time to help inform and persuade all website visitors.

In short, Fomo has found a way to do what was previously thought impossible: to boost social proof online in a very concrete and quantifiable way. Perhaps unsurprising, the company’s approach to marketing itself is also quite revolutionary.

In addition to its unique and groundbreaking service model, Fomo sets itself apart from other online marketing organizations by optimizing its own public outreach tactics. The company credits a great deal of its success to its unique and thoughtful operational strategies.

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