The Minds Behind Maître Have Made Referral Marketing Accessible For Everyone  

Viral tool to grow your customers through referrals

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of entrepreneurship is that you never know where new ideas and experiences will take you. It’s certainly a lesson that Manuel Frigerio, co-founder of Maître, has first-hand experience with. Frigerio was busy working at another startup when he had an idea for a feasible way to make referral marketing easier for the masses.

Maître was born the way most successful entrepreneurial are, as a logical solution to a real, widespread problem. When done correctly, referral marketing works for companies of all shapes and sizes; the data is very clear on that point. What isn’t so clear for marketers at many organizations is how to get started with referral marketing in a world dominated by digital. Many people think they have to have coding experience, or at least undergo significant technical training in order to install a referral marketing apparatus that will deliver real results.

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With Maître, Frigerio and co-founder Kieran Goodacre are proving that referral marketing can be remarkably simple, and that any company can use it to find new clients that lead to long-term partnerships and sustainable growth.

According to Frigerio, simplicity is the core concept at the heart of Maître, in more ways than one. The widget itself is simple to setup and use, but it also incorporates a powerful suite of tools that can turn any user into a power marketer in minutes. Users can install the platform without any previous software development experience, and they’ll then have access to a range of analytics and marketing automation tools (which Frigerio notes are among their most popular features) that make it easy to optimize the results of the referral effort.

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As far as their own marketing strategy, Maître believes enough in the power of referrals that they have used them extensively in growing the company organically. Frigerio credits the company’s affiliate program, along with savvy content marketing, with spurring its rise over the past year and a half. This led to them being included in the top 50 most upvoted products of all time on Product Hunt.

In order to build sustainable growth, the leaders of Maître have tried almost every marketing outlet you can imagine. However, they eventually found a way to strike a balance by adhering to the 80/20 rule. 80% of their strategy is now centered around publishing great, value-added content, while they reserve the other 20% of their resources for testing out new methods of customer engagement.

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At the end of the day, however, it’s all about the product and the customer’s relationship to it. “I genuinely believe that the only sustainable, long term way to reach a wide audience is to have a great product,” Frigerio notes. That ethos embodies the essence of Maître as an organization: find something that will help people, make it well, and use sensible marketing techniques to find an audience. If only all entrepreneurial ventures could be so simple.

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