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Your competition is always increasing, with literally hundreds of companies finding their way online every single day. Even if these businesses are not in your industry, the digital noise they create is keeping your best clients from finding you. If you want the best product for literally every aspect of your new business, we have your solutions listed below – immediately actionable quality responses from the top minds in the business. Let’s take a look at the products these established experts have chosen as essential for the modern business startup.

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I’m a fan of using Nimble to combine CRM with social media marketing – Michael Schiemer

Nimble is so lightweight and easy to use that it makes sense for any level of employee in a startup. It’s valuable for sales, founder-level discussions and PR, along with customer interactions – Daniel Lemin

Nimble is a social CRM to keep track of contacts and projects – Baldwin Berges


Hubspot is a full-functioning, customizable CRM – for free. Comes with a whole bunch of cool sales tools too. Everything a startup needs. Funny thing is, people are finding all kinds of clever ways of using it: planning a wedding, managing a job search, etc – Eric Peters


For CRM and Email communications I would recommend InfusionSoft.  It is a comprehensive platform that enables the user to customize every email sequence, keep up to date information on all of their contacts, build landing pages and much, much more – David J Dunworth

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For financial management including invoicing, accounting, e-commerce, apple pay, Xero for payroll and much, much more, I recommend Square – David J Dunworth


Freshbooks for invoicing and accounting – Baldwin Berges



While i used to use Freshbooks, and I’m still a GIGANTIC fan, my business got a bit more complicated so I’ve been using Quickbooks to organize my finances, compare the popularity of each of my product/service offerings and to create estimates for my clients – Tiffany daSilva

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the must-have tool for any website that want to reach out to an audience. It is free and helps you understand if there are any issues with the technical signals impairing your website’s organic search visibility – Fili Wiese


Get a free trial to analyze the technical signals of your website with DeepCrawl’s world-class SEO tool – Fili Wiese


Want to better understand your backlink profile and see where to focus your linkbuilding efforts? Dive deep into your backlink data with Majestic – Fili Wiese

Ryte (formerly known as

Free for single sites, get awesome insights from Ryte’s in-depth SEO tool – Fili Wiese

Screaming Frog

Be sure to check out how different search bots crawl your website by looking deeper into your logs. Screaming Frog Log File Analyser will help smaller sites analyze their logs (bigger sites, check out how to run Screaming Frog in the cloud) – Fili Wiese

One of my major tools is Screaming Frog. The fact that it’s fairly inexpensive is awesome, but it also helps me with scanning a website before I take on a client, to help me spot issues quickly while working on an SEO audit, and to do some competitive analysis on behalf of my clients. Of all the tools I use, I would be most upset if screaming frog disappeared for any reason – Tiffany daSilva


Moz is a tool to simplify getting your technical SEO dialled in. It won’t do your SEO for you and you will still need some structured SEO advice but it will certainly save you a lot of time on the research and technical side of SEO  – Marcus Miller



A startup needs to understand the people they are targeting. Sometimes that’s not easy. There are tools that can help in SEO, like keyword research tools. But keywords are just words. Tools like AnswerThePublic help you understand the questions people have around specific topics. Making that you can get closer to them by helping them answer those questions – Bas van den Beld


Owler, competitive intelligence that gets you a large amount of intel without paying. They send daily dashboards, alerts for competitive blog posts etc – Katelyn Watson

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Plan 1 year social media campaigns for each piece of content with Missinglettr – Baldwin Berges


Amplifr, smart scheduling and stats of you social media content – Baldwin Berges


Thunderclap is a fun way to game acceleration in Twitter. You can get a whole bunch of people to sign up to Tweet at a specific time, and get your message trending. Love this for big launches – Eric Peters


We all need to track hashtag analytics, I love Socialalert. This tool gives you information on your hashtag reach, location, influencers and top keywords. You can also use it for brand monitoring – Adel de Meyer


Jumper can get over 1,000 fans to your Instagram per month, for a small fee, and they will target based on the fans you want. The outreach is human, and why would you want to spend your limited team and resources on this? – Katelyn Watson


Every small business needs a tool for their social media management. Buffer helps you streamline your social posting efforts – Maria Johnsen

Social Media is everywhere. And there is no way that as a starting business, you can be everywhere. Buffer is a great platform to help you be in many places at the same time. You can update your social media for every optimized hour – Bas van den Beld

Buffer is easy to use for systematic scheduling of content – Leonard Kim


Great tool to beef up your Twitter accounts. Just enroll on Narrow and let it do almost a 100% of the work to grow your profile and bring you business development opportunities – Nadav Dakner

Agora Pulse

I love Agora Pulse for all my social media management as it has everything in one place including scheduling, brand monitoring, reporting and team collaboration – Adel de Meyer


I use a free version of Canva to create quote cards for cheap, effective engagement. You don’t need to know how to use Photoshop or do anything design related. Images do well on social media, being the second most shared type of content after videos. I share a quote card attached to an image every day, and it performs the second best after promoted posts – Leonard Kim

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Simply put, Typeform makes quick work of any structured feedback you need from customers in a far more human interface. I love the diversity of use cases including quizzes, Net Promoter Score and simple surveys, and have implemented it several different times in those contexts for my project. Beautiful interface and great analytics ensure this one stays on my renewal radar Daniel Lemin

Typeform to send out simple and easy surveys Talia Wolf

Gathering information from clients and partners can be time-consuming. Using a Typeform (potentially tied to a Zapier) can really save hours of work – Pierre Lechelle

Oh my word. Typeform is hands down the most reliable, 1 stop shop, for all things surveys, feedback, and information gathering. I use Typeform every single week to organize data for my hundreds of members that would normally require an incredible expensive third party data collection software – Rachel Pedersen

Part of the challenge of running a startup is time management. helps me identify the email I truly no longer need to receive, allowing me to focus on pull vs. push engagements for some brands and topics. That keeps my email inbox more focused on the things I need to see – Daniel Lemin organizes my inbox so I can prioritize emails that matter, emails that might be interesting, getting rid of spam and the ultimate email decluttering tool out there – Dionisios Favatas saves me a lot of time. Once every few weeks I use it to unsubscribe to all the unwanted emails I get. Great tool! – Bas van den Beld


MixMax’s Gmail tool has so many features it’s hard to rate my favorite but a few that come to mind include mailmerge, scheduling email to send later and lightweight email automation for simple tasks – Daniel Lemin

Burner app creates a separate number for when you want to be in touch, but you don’t want to give out your personal number. You can call, text and picture message. And it also connects with Slack and Dropbox – Alexandra Tweten
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Intercom is the only one in the list I haven’t used for my own business (just yet). But I certainly plan to later on! It deserved a spot in my top picks, because I know how awesome it is. Many of the top global brands use this robust customer messaging platform because of its intuitive design, targeted and triggered marketing tools PLUS its unified support functionality across social, email and websites. Your customers will feel confident in knowing you are on hand to help them – Sam Hurley

We believe in having few barriers between you and your customer. Intercom supports this kind of interaction. We love using Intercom in client apps because it allows customers to communicate with customer support or sales or tech support right at the moment they have a problem or a question. Our favorite feature might be that you can ask and then get notified when a response comes in so that you aren’t sitting on the site – Joshua Davidson


Zopim, for gaining greater insights into customer concerns, blocks and for helping people complete their purchase – Talia Wolf

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Sniply is useful for adding additional branding and CTA’s to your highly curated shared links on social – Michael Schiemer

My business partner Leonard Kim uses Sniply and it works well for him. The tool allows for better social sharing of your content. With so much content being shared, it is important to make it easy to bring people back to your site. The biggest value is making a call to action with each link you share. And it tracks the clicks! Ryan Foland

Love Sniply, not just for social, but for directing people through webpages with a little bit more context – Eric Peters

Sniply, a good tool for influencer marketing and growth hacking – Maria Johnsen

To share links on social media more effectively, I recommend Sniply making it possible for people to follow you on social media when they click on your link – Leonard Kim is great for taking big ugly urls and making them small for social sharing. It has less steps than and has valuable analytics. I use this tool a lot to share links on social and be able to quickly track – Ryan Foland

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Curata is a great Boston-based business that really helps you scale your content marketing campaigns – Michael Schiemer


Hotjar, for seeing how people behave in the funnel – Talia Wolf


As for email marketing I recommend AWeber, it is a paid tool but worth your marketing efforts – Maria Johnsen


I love mailchimp because it has the functionality of Constant Contact but free. It is great for small businesses to be able function like a large business – Professor Amy Keely

Mailchimp is a powerful yet easy to use email marketing tool. Now integrates with Facebook ads to simplify the creation of ad campaigns to help build that all important list!  – Marcus Miller

Rep app is an amazing app for finding influencers and organizing campaigns. You can get your campaign in front of a bunch of influencers at once, get analytics, and contact influencers directly all from one place – Alexandra Tweten, end to end personalization and automation tool made easy. Segment your audience, drip away to learn more about targets, foster lead and demand gen and close business with ease – Dionisios Favatas

Constant Content

I love Constant Content for all my clients that don’t have the time or writing skills to write all their articles on a weekly or daily basis. Constant Content has ready to buy content or you can order custom content to be written for you with a quick turnaround time. Very professional and easy to use service – Adel de Meyer


I love Wisestamp. It is easy to use and your signature looks professional and will never be marked as possible spam like just having links and images in your signature – Adel de Meyer


PowerInbox allows script based dynamic mail insertion of auto play video, countdown timers and widgets that display on all devices – Katelyn Watson


A lot of people I know have relied on Lob for data driven direct mail postcards that allow you to easily upload data, build creative and get out DM in minutes. They even connect to your customer data through APIs so you can build a triggered DM stream without talking to a human – Katelyn Watson

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I cannot say enough about the value of HARO, when used right. I have landed key national media by responding to HARO inquiries. You have to be quick on the draw, willing to drop what you’re doing to jump on an opportunity and focused on helping vs. selling. Used right, HARO is a great way to establish strong relationships that will last far beyond even the story the journalist is working on in that moment – Daniel Lemin

Haro is great tool to connect with journalists and influencers. You can build a relationship that’ll go beyond a specific story if you prove yourself worthy, and whats more, the requests are inbound to begin with! – Nadav Dakner


For $65 you can reach top  journalists and get their email addresses in a simple tool. JustReachOut also allows you to search by topic to find the right journalists – Katelyn Watson

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SurveyMonkey is for surveying, engaging prospects and uncover trends – Maria Johnsen


Pixlemator is another $2 app that can be downloaded and operates similar to Photoshop so it is a low cost graphic program – Professor Amy Keely


RelayThat is my go to image creation service. I love this tool because it makes design work easy with tons of custom suggestions at the click of a button with your own words and images – Adel de Meyer

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Slack is an invaluable tool these days when it comes to cloud-based collaboration and it will really boost your company productivity – Michael Schiemer

Think Skype on steroids! Slack is everything you need in a chat app. It’s free for many and also boasts project management utilities which are beneficial for getting your business off the ground, managing clients and controlling all nature of comms – Sam Hurley

For working projects with a group that is spread around the country, or world, I highly recommend Slack – David J Dunworth

Can’t beat Slack for team collaboration. I’ve found it particularly useful for replacing global alignment meetings with people from five different timezones. One Slack channel can replace a global alignment meeting between Boston, Ireland, Singapore, and Sydney – Eric Peters

There is no better tool for team communication. We create channels for each project for better organization and can put in check-in notes and reminders. With threaded comments, it is also a good alternative to internal email. Our team does 98% of our internal communication in Slack – Joshua Davidson

Since I’ve been on my own Slack has been my savior, as well. As an entrepreneur your life can be kind of lonely, so joining a few mastermind groups made of digital marketers, entrepreneurs and kick ass women who inspire, motivate and answer any questions that I have has been one of the key factors of my success – Tiffany daSilva


Slack, the easiest and most convenient way to organize conversations that happen in real time. Makes it so easy to send files and update team members quickly – Alexandra Tweten


Slack, ultimate productivity tool for team collaboration and Managing projects to deadlines. Definitely better than IM or email – Dionisios Favatas


Slack is easily my most used app while working. It’s the easiest communication tool for teams, big or small. Having two sides of my business, an agency and a university, I’m able to have separate teams to communicate with my members on both sides of my company! My Slack Teams consist of different channels working on different projects, so that they can seamlessly communicate without getting confused which project is being discussed. I love having the app on my phone so I can be updated on the go, but also having it on my desktop for during work hours – Rachel Pedersen

I’ve found Slack to be a great platform to work remotely with teams. It’s easy to communicate and you can upload documents fast and efficient – Bas van den Beld


Building your website? Is your startup based on creating websites or apps for other businesses? InVision is for you! Web design needn’t be a colossal time sink and jumble of communications. This piece of kit allows seamless mock-up collaboration between teams and clients for faster-than-usual deployment of website and app designs – Sam Hurley

InVision, to collaborate and optimize customer journeys – Talia Wolf

One of the best parts of our workflow is showing clients every screen in their app and what changes as they move through the app. InVision lets us do everything from rough wireframes to high quality mockups and to work through the app, making adjustments to match the client’s expectations – Joshua Davidson

Invision helps us to give feedback on anything graphic (e.g. landing page, ads) in an instant. The best is that it greatly reduces friction when it comes to feedback. We stopped holding meetings just for giving feedback to designers – Pierre Lechelle


Super-easy call and meeting scheduling is what Calendly is about. It makes light work of arranging time for clients and internal teams alike. A few clicks and you’re sorted. Simplicity is at its core, and the ‘free’ plan offers a lot of value — including desirable integrations with popular email providers – Sam Hurley

Scheduling meeting really is a pain. Calendly allowed me to save hours of email back and forth – Pierre Lechelle

Instead of swapping emails about scheduling a call, just send a link and anyone can schedule a call. I put my Calendly link in my email signature. So convenient! – Nick Persico


Calendly, easiest way to schedule around me, or me to schedule around others. Time is precious and wasting time trying to get a meeting on the books is so 2000 🙂 – Dionisios Favatas

Calendly is the best way to manage a busy schedule booked with calls. All I have to do is send potential clients and students my Calendly link, and they have the choice between a 15 minute consultation, 30 minute interview, and 60 minute strategy calls. It’s the easiest way to fill up my schedule without having to go back and forth finding a time that works! – Rachel Pedersen


Mindmeister is an awesome collaboration tool for UX/UI, project management, fulfillment and personally love it for mapping out site and app design – Dionisios Favatas

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Taking decisions is extremely important. I’ve found experts on Clarity who really helped me to gather all the necessary knowledge to take the right decisions, all the time – Pierre Lechelle

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Squarespace can provide simple yet functional websites and online stores for smaller businesses on a budget, without requiring coding expertise or a costly web design team – Michael Schiemer

For a quick and inexpensive website to get up and running, I recommend SquareSpace.  It’s drag and drop, has customizable templates that are beautiful – David J Dunworth

As a company that designs websites, we love that Squarespace is a quick alternative for people who do not need our services, but just need a simple and elegant way to get online. The designs are professional and it has a minimal learning curve. With added features like ecommerce, it is a pretty complete solution – Joshua Davidson

For over a decade, I’ve had countless folks ask if I can build them a website. It’s not my day job, so I didn’t have time to help them. Now my response is simple: I just send them to Squarespace because it’s so easy and powerful to use – Nick Persico


As a graphic designer this is the easiest tool that I’ve found others can use to create websites. It does have a free option but the key is that Wix is scalable and easy to use and it has to be for small business owners – Professor Amy Keely

Wix, easy drag and drop website creation. I was able to quickly create and update my website – Alexandra Tweten

Shopify is a straightforward and powerful platform for launching an online store. Everything is in the cloud so removes any technical exposure. Integrates with Facebook, Amazon, Google Merchant Center etc. Simplifies getting an online store up and running without the eye-watering costs of a platform like Magento  – Marcus Miller
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analytics graph and seo business on mobile device


Chartio, to visualize raw data in a meaningful way (using SQL) – Ozgur Uzuner


MOAT allows you to search competitive banner ads and see where they were placed, review the flash and more. There are upgraded options but the free basic option is a great way to see competitive ads in motion – Katelyn Watson

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This is the best transcription service I have found and I use it often. If you give a speech, you can record, then transcribe with Rev for $1 a minute. Then you can turn it into more content. I also use them to transcribe interviews I do. They are quick and accurate… and cheap! – Ryan Foland

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Clerky makes fast work out of common startup legal documents including tax and compensation plans, stock plan administration and much more. The pricing is attractive too, as it’s based on document creation rather than an ongoing subscription fee – Daniel Lemin


If you are not using a digital signature platform, you are in the dark ages. I have used Hellosign and it is super simple. From founder agreements to whatever agreements. This is a user friendly platform that does not break the bank – Ryan Foland

Most e-signature solutions are the same in terms of what they offer, but HelloSign gives us an uncluttered experience that fits our workflow. With a distributed team, they make it easy to sign stuff on the go – Joshua Davidson

As a growth marketing consultant doing similar projects with my clients, I need to make sure that my contracts are templated and are organized once signed. That’s why I use Hellosign. It’s been so easy to use and my clients seem to really like it – Tiffany daSilva

Running a quickly growing business there are way more papers to have signed than I would care to admit. Hellosign combines the ease of online document signing with the protection and safeguards that my company needs. Well it’s not the most glamour business, I consider it a must-have – Rachel Pedersen


HelloFAX is a low cost option should people need to send faxes and receive faxes all done through google – Professor Amy Keely

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This tool is just insanely helpful! If you’re struggling to get your multiple apps and automation softwares to talk to each other, Zapier connects them together in a jiffy (and automates tonnes of otherwise painful tasks). It’s the answer to busy marketers’ prayers – Sam Hurley

Zapier is a growth hacker’s best friend. There are so many options for integrating your marketing tools, it’s just a matter of finding clever ways to use them – Eric Peters

Zapier, integrating all the data collected – Talia Wolf

Zapier can help you to automate tasks without using technical resources. It can literally save hundreds of developments time – Pierre Lechelle

Zapier is like having your very own dev ops robot. The platform is super easy to use, and your head can spin from the millions of different creative ways you can automate complex work tasks – Nick Persico


What I love about Zapier is how it acts as a bridge between different software. When I don’t have the answer for how to connect to my different tools, I check Zapier and sure enough they always have a solution. It has saved me thousands of dollars instead of having to hire a fulltime tech team – Rachel Pedersen


When starting a business, you have to do a lot yourself. Automation helps to speed up your growth. Zapier is one of those tools that can help you do that. I’ve connected many different platforms together for different reasons. Researching my audience as well as social publishing. Zapier does it all – Bas van den Beld


Mixpanel, one of the best out there for funnel/conversion tracking & monitoring – Ozgur Uzuner


CrazyEgg, great for testing and gaining insight on user behavior – Ozgur Uzuner


Optimizely, testing for any UX changes – Ozgur Uzuner

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Asana is a project management software that works both horizontally and vertically, like trello. You can manage projects and it works great for working with virtual assistants or team members. All the basic functions are there and it is very user friendly – Ryan Foland

Asana is a wonderful project management tool. Has recently integrated boards to allow for agile and lean style project management. Best of all is it is free – Marcus Miller


Confluence, must have for project management – Ozgur Uzuner


Appointment bookings can make you crazy without a solid platform to stay organized and on time.  I recommend Agendize – David J Dunworth


Trello is my absolute favorite project management software. It’s dynamic, fast, intuitive and wildly used so you don’t have to enforce anyone to enroll with it as there’s a good chance they already know and use it – Nadav Dakner

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Dux Soup

Dux Soup is a Linkedin robot that helps you keep in touch with your network – Baldwin Berges

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Better Proposals

Better Proposals, make amazing proposals – Baldwin Berges

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Lumen5 is great for repurposing blog posts into video content. It runs on an A.I. system that processes text content and transforms them into social media videos. The platform supplies a bunch of copyright-free photos, videos, and music so you can make a whole video in minutes. Video posts get 5-10 times more reach and engagements on social networks like Facebook, so it’s good to have access to an easy way to produce social video content at scale – Mike Cheng 

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There you have it – elite products vetted by top authorities that cover every aspect of business. Bookmark this post – different aspects of it will become relevant to you as your business grows.

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